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Feed the Herd works toward the goal of dissecting internal lives and worlds through the exhibition of the external. By employing the idea of caricature, in its most grotesque sense, we explore traditional artistic forms (music, literature, cartoons, comic books, soap operas, philosophy, visual art and more) through performance as seen through the lens of contemporary theatrical styles, media, and technology. Watch a cinemontage of the Herd on stage

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DOPPELGANGER finished its residency in 2007 at
the 3LD Art and Technology Center (80 Greenwich St.) click here.

Thanks to all the herdies who made it out to the show.


Well, if we told you that, we'd have to kill you. So watch the old stuff till Peabody pukes.

"It's must-see theatre... so refreshing, so vital, so awe-inspiringly original... You're in for a rich and rewarding evening of theatre unlike anything you've ever experienced." —Martin Denton,, review of Seven Seconds, Stampede Fest: August, 2001

"...the sting of the playwright's unyielding satire is softened by his gift for comic absurdity. ... an enormous catalog of folly, deception, waste, selfishness and stupidity" —The New York Times, review of Styrofoam, Stampede Fest, January 2004

"If a work of art is going to be sick and twisted, it must have a kernel of brilliance within it to be credible. Dark Dizayz ... certainly has, though you have to listen for it." —Arlene McKanic, Off-off-Broadway Review, review of Dark Dizayz, August 2002

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